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Concrete Sealer N is a novel single component water based sealer based on Nano technology, which has excellent stain resistance to the floor finishes such as concrete,Self-levelling overlayment, cementitious terrazzoand other cement based surfaces due to spillage and penetration of varies common contaminants found in grocery complexes, school cafeterias and restaurants. Concrete Sealer N is a low odor, VOC compliant, penetrating sealer that effectively protect cement based surfaces from the damaging effects of staining, defacing and deterioration due to contaminants penetration.


Product Overview

Floors treated with Concrete Sealer N are easy to clean and upkeep. It develops a long lasting glossy finish that improves light reflectance and reduces the needs of floor waxing, polishing. Concrete Sealer N intensifies the colored and dyed floors. The application of Concrete Sealer N reduces maintenance regime.



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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent repellency protection from fluids (wines, vinegar, fruit juices and organic acids) and will also protect surface gloss from deteriorating
  • Engine oil and grease repellency to improve staining
  • Quickly opens to traffic
  • Positive Slip resistance
  • Exceptional scuff resistance
  • Enhances dyed and colored concrete
  • UV Stable

Product Specifications


Product # Concrete Sealer N
Patent #(s)
Available Colors/Finishes
Part of System
Country Availability Philippines
Suitable Substrates Polished Concrete, Renders
Packaging Summary 20

Available Warranties

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